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Independent Advertising and Content Agencies Alliance

The world has changed; the foundations, thoughts and organizations that received our credibility and trust for many years, today are in permanent evaluation.

Now the voice of citizens is heard louder and louder. Today the communications are evaluated by a local “public opinion”, but also through a global one, due the fast massification of the facts through social networks.

Every person who today has a cell phone and an Internet connection can claim and enforce its rights, evidencing what doesn’t seem fair or real, no matter the size of organizations, companies, projects, authorities, people or products.

It’s in this new scenario where thousands of opportunities open up, where a proper, an original and real message can really penétrate. As a result and can viralize an idea, thought or intention, almost instantaneously and then become part of that day to day of potential users.

This is where the communications and valuable content that companies and organizations can generate today, are born as product of their own DNA, of “the real” (their soul, their histories, the human component, the processes, their evolution), of their internal capital.

It’s in this kind of work where this Alliance of Independent Agencies has been working for years… looking for content, looking for the inner truth of the brands and getting a close look of the organizations for which we work.